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Port Cros National Park

The first National Marine Park created....

The Park is made up of 700 hectares of emerged land (islands of Port-Cros and Bagaud, as well as the islets of Rascas and Gabinière) and 1 300 hectares in the sea. Its managers focus on its exceptional natural, historical and environmental heritage.

On the island, visitors can see a vegetation which is typical of the silicious regions of the Mediterranean, such as the strawberry tree, island lavender or Aleppo pine. Though there are no large animals, but birds such as the bee-eater or the kestrel have found a favourable environment here. Mammals are mainly represented by the house rat or the bat. To explore the islands and discover their wildlife, marked trails have been set up and from one beach to another, visitors can observe their rich insular life.

But the real wealth of the park's heritage is revealed on sea outings organized from the island of Port-Cros : a 'flippered' excursion to see the 70 or more species of fish which live deep in the sea around the islands in their natural surroundings and not in aquariums as is generally the case. Among them, the rainbow wrasse with its surprisingly bright colours or the moray eel, and the grouper, whose fishing is forbidden, has seen it numbers grow significantly in this protected area. For those not keen on diving, there are outings on a submarine discovery boat.

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